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The year-end parties Promotion

The year-end parties, the boss assigns you to find a place but you have a headache and can't find a place?
Especially #Anrakutei with many diverse (private) vip rooms, suitable for all customers with a capacity of 4 to 40 guests, 
from office reception, family, .... rich capacity.
 Get 10% off at an extremely favorable price - free vip room surcharge up to 200k - 
give a discount voucher for the next time you use it - give away dessert after payment!
Never before have you received so many gifts at the end of the year party.
And remember to book a table in advance via the restaurant's hotline or website. (phone number at the end of the post)
Link to book a table:
Application period: from December 7 to December 30, 2022.

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