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GOLDE HOURS : 399k buffet course -> 359k price discount !!!

With only from 359k, you can use All you can eat Buffet course : beef, pork, chicken, seafood, appetizer,… and more than that, now we wanna give you 2 more desserts : flan and yaourt, 2 products that make you feel fresh after a heavy yakiniku buffet. Is is so great ??? Now the only thing you should do is take a reservation through this link :
More specifically, you will have the choice of private rooms, private tables, Anrakutei has modified the private areas to create a variety of spaces for customers. The private rooms is completely free!
Apply from Monday to Friday in the time from 17-20h. Valid for guests who have booked a table in advance. Discount applies to all 3 buffet coures. .

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